World leaders in unity to investigate China: “We demand answers”

World leaders seek deeper investigation on China’s involvement on the coronavirus pandemic stating that the covid19 might have been biologically manipulated in a Chinese research lab and that China may have intentionally withheld serious information on the covid19 to the world as the cause of the mass exodus of infections and deaths.

US Pres. Donald Trump stated in a House briefing, “It could have been stopped in China before it started and it wasn’t, and the whole world is suffering because of it. If they were knowingly responsible, then there should be consequences”.

The United States has bigger reasons to initiate and lead the investigation as the foremost nation that was hardly hit by the covid pandemic with more than 40,000 Americans dead and 820,000 cases.

In connection to this, majority of Americans have a less favorable view of China with most Republican states perceived China as the no.1 enemy while Democrat states view China and Russia as America’s enemy. Either way, war drums will increase in the coming months as the US won’t let China nor anyone responsible for the pandemic go free without repercussions. Remember 9/11 with 3,000 Americans killed? US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan because of it. How much more for 40,000 Americans and still counting…

US ally Australia has also agreed to an investigation to the pandemic as Australian Foreign Minister Payne demanded international investigation (not by the World Health Investigation) on origin and spread of the corona virus and full transparency and accountability from China.

In Europe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged China to be transparent about the origin of the virus.

French Prime Minister Macron said it is naïve to think that China handled the pandemic well. “There are clearly things that have happened that we don’t know about”.

UK Foreign Minister Raab stated, “China will face hard questions about the outbreak. How it came about and how it couldn’t have been stopped earlier”.

China’s window of opportunity to become a world leader has succumb to the abyss of “in your dreams” as most nations in the world want an independent investigation on the coronavirus pandemic which China tried to avoid since January. China won’t open its doors to international investigators as it would open a can of worms on how China deliberately withheld important information and the real origins of the coronavirus as the possibility that covid19 was biologically created in a Chinese research lab and that it might have accidentally infected of the Chinese researchers.

One thing is for sure, China is in deep trouble for the coming months and years. Trade sanctions and trade wars will be the daily norms for the Chinese economy, China knew that it could not stand a united front of the international community specially if it is led by the United States. Foreign firms doing business in China will surely pull-out, China’s manufacturing sector will be the first casualty with millions of Chinese workers going unemployed. It would create chaos and uncertainty for the future of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), it simply means it’s the end.

The CCP have long played propaganda and disinformation on all sort of domestic and international agenda in terms of geopolitics or its issues concerning Taiwan, HongKong and the Uighurs in Xingjiang. Taiwanese citizens now clamor for the Taiwanese government to declare independence as “Republic of Taiwan” and leave the official name “Republic of China”.

HongKong protesters are already planning for mass protests when the pandemic has subsided in their beloved city, HongKongers are asking for more autonomy against China. With all the world and odds are now against China, the CCP will surely pay a hefty price. As the saying goes, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.