US citizens to China: ‘We do not trust you’

The United States is taking a heavy toll of the coronavirus pandemic with over 500,000 confirmed cases and more than 20,000 deaths. Most federal states in the US have declared lockdowns to combat the spread of the covid19 with New York City taking the whole blunt of US covid crisis with almost 200,000 cases.

The situation in the United States prompted most Americans of distrusting China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with the cover-ups and misinformation that China had initiated last January. China now closes its borders claiming it is doing so due to the second wave coming from Western nations.

If they had been as concerned back in December & January versus their celebration plans for the Chinese New Year and closed their borders then the world & America would not be in this situation.

China caused untold damage to the world in lives and human productivity lost. They hid the fact that the virus transmitted from person-to-person for a month while allowing their citizens to travel abroad. They even lied on their numbers and data concerning the extent of the human cases in whole China.

And China profiting billions of dollars right now through manufacturing most essential health materials like masks, PPEs and ventilators might look good economically for (an easy money) in the short term for China but in the long term it is actually the beginning of the end of China. The US, Japan and Europe will surely relocate their factories out of China.

American citizens are going to be ready to go back to ‘Made in America’ than ‘Made in China’ when the pandemic is all said and done. America is strong and will come through this much better in the end but lesson learned.

The governments of the world and the United States should hold China to account and make them pay a dear price. They not only selfishly unleashed a health crisis, but they created an economic crisis with millions of people around the world losing jobs and opportunities.

The Chinese Communist Party is trying to save their face by blaming the US. They do a lot of propaganda lately saying that they are winning against the virus and their infected cases are in an all-time low. Only fools believe their lies and to remind everyone that the outbreak of 2019 coronavirus was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei province of China and not in any US territory or any place around the world.