UP students: “Here’s a list of Duterte’s covid incompetence”

A group of UP students from the Junior Philippine Geographical Society UP Diliman (JPGS-UPD) has compiled a series of information whereby it outlined the alleged incompetence of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte and the national government in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in the Philippines since January.

In JPGS statement, “In light of the COVIC-19 pandemic, we present these narratives that show how events have unfolded the past few weeks, and how the Duterte administration has done its citizens more harm than good”.

Jan. 26, 3 million Filipino-made face masks are shipped to Wuhan, China

Jan. 30, WHO declares Public Health Emergency, first reported case in the Philippines was announced.

Jan. 31, Panelo: How can we give face masks to Filipinos when there’s none?

Feb. 3, Duterte: There is nothing really to be scared of pandemic

Feb 4, DOH reveals gaps: Only 17% of passengers exposed to patient #1 (Chinese citizen from wuhan) were contacted

Feb 11, 25 quarantined passengers in Cebu are allowed to go home because of lack of electricity and water at the quarantine center

Feb 14, Duterte encourages Filipinos to travel around the country

Feb. 15, Duterte inaugurates Sangley Airport in Cavite

Feb 26, DOH stops contact tracing in relation to 3 visitors who tested positive

Feb 27, Duque: PH is one of the model countries in preventing the spread of NCOV

March 7, First confirmed local transmission announced by DOH

March 9, Duterte finally declares state of public health emergency

March 11, DOH: Disclosures of covid19 cases are delayed because problems with reporting system

March 11, “Grave deficit of PPEs” private hospitals use old linen as face masks

March 14, Duterte declares a month-long Luzon lockdown

March 14, PH cases surpass 100

March 20, DOH denies need for mass testing

March 21, First Filipino doctor dies of covid19

March 22, 34 high-ranking government officials and their family members got prioritized in covid test

March 30, Trade Chief Lopez assures public that there is enough food supply in the Philippines for the lockdown

April 1, NBI summons Vico Sotto for alleged violation of Bayanihan Law

April 6, Duterte approves Luzon lockdown until April 30

April 7, PH 3,764 total confirmed covid cases, 177 deaths

However, throngs of diehard supporters of the President have flooded the post and attacked the group of UP students who made the compiled narratives. However one statement has shown passive yet fruitful insight on the matter.

‘Students have every right to express their admiration or displeasure on a president’s performance as a leader and I as one, agree to some extent of what the report states.

But that’s as far as it goes. When you use binoculars to see your target, you lose sight of the peripheral objects and compensate you move your sight, leave the figure in the lenses and see the other views on the horizon. But if you are at the hilltop, you scour the whole are and see how various scenes interact with one another. Some spots are clear, others make a call, a decision based on the information and exigency presented.

It’s not so much about being correct every step the way, it’s how quick you detect a “misaligned” decision and take remedial steps as quickly as possible and neophytes can only learn but not lead the way.