Spain, Netherlands, Malaysia, & Slovakia says China test-kits & masks were defective

The Communist Party of China again is in backlash after thousands of Chinese-made test kits for the coronavirus (covid19) were found to be defective with below 30% accuracy rate.

At least four (4) nations have stated that they would return the test kits to China as it would only create more confusion, uncertainty and deaths.

Spain announced that it had received 58,000 test kits it bought from a Chinese state-sponsored firm and that they would ship it back to China.

Spain, which is the third worst affected country after the United States & Italy, reportedly found out that the coronavirus test kits bought from China could only identify 30% of the virus, according to Spanish media reports.

Health experts in Madrid, believe that such result should have more than 80% accuracy rate, as stipulated by the World Health Organization.

The Malaysian government has also put on hold more than 10,000 test kits that the Chinese government donated.

“We do not want to commit the same mistake that Spain had done, so we’re looking now on South Korea for the new test kits and they are more accurate as our Ministry of Health tested”, says by Malaysian Foreign Minister Tun Hussein.

The Prime Minister of Slovakia had told reporters that the covid19 test kits that the Slovakian government had recently purchased from a Chinese company is faulty, Slovakia bought 1.2 million units of the test kit. “We have tons of them and no use for it,” he said. They should “just be thrown straight into the garbage,” PM Matovic said.

Netherlands, on the other hand, is recalling 600,000 units of defective face masks it purchased from China after it failed to meet standard health requirements

For the saddest part, the Department of Health (Philippines) has retracted and apologized on its earlier statement that the test kits donated by the Chinese government were faulty.

In a statement, the DOH clarified that the test kits that came from Beijing had been “assessed by the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) to be at par with the test kits provided by the WHO after parallel testing was done”.

However, Filipino netizens on facebook commented that the Philippine government is only saving face for China.

The Philippine government is totally subservient to China to hastily issue a retraction and apology. They could have said that the matter is being investigated while other countries such as Spain, Malaysia, Slovakia and the Netherlands stood by their claim.

We hereby strongly urge our government to stop deceiving the public of the quality of the Chinese-made test kits just for the purpose of false friendship and loans.

But when your own government is under China, expect the worst.