Real friends: China will now arrest Filipino fishermen in Panatag shoal

Chinese state news media have reported that the Chinese Maritime Bureau have announced that they would now arrest any foreign fishing vessels coming to Scarborough Shoal (Panatag Shoal) be it Filipinos or Vietnamese fishermen.

The announcement came as China ramps-up its clout on the resource-rich area which historically and lawfully belongs to the Philippines.

“The Chinese coast guard and the Chinese Maritime Unit will arrest any foreign fishing vessel illegally entering Zhongsha islands (Panatag). China has indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea and its adjacent waters, anyone who attempts to violate this law will be dealt severely”, said in a statement by the Chinese Maritime Bureau.

“The order will take effect immediately”, they added.

China is exploiting the pandemic to advance its interest in the West Philippine Sea

The Philippine government considers China as a real friend but no ‘real friend’ would steal/invade your island in the middle of a crisis right? Well, China ain’t a friend much more of a real friend.

The Philippines right now is still suffering from the covid pandemic with more than 10,000 cases while China on the other hand is busy moving its forces in the West Philippine Sea in a bid to dominate the area.

China little-by-little is implementing its military strategies in the West Philippine Sea. China won’t forcefully invade it in a single blow, they would do it gradually in a way that the international community won’t notice nor the Filipino public to cause an uproar on our nationalist sentiments considering that there are thousands of Chinese mainlanders right now working on POGO’s.

Military analysts call it the salami-slicing strategy, and it works.

The Philippines with a weak military and a pro-Chinese president is really in bad shape to make any protests or move against any Chinese aggression in the West Philippine Sea. The Philippines should re-evaluate its national security approach. It should call up the United States to increase its presence in the area while the Philippine government should take a massive modernization of its armed and naval forces.

However, with the lack of funds and the current dilemma on the covid crisis, these aspirations are far fetch to happen. The Philippines is in its own, future Filipinos would surely suffer if China totally controls the entirety of the West Philippine Sea.

Aside from the oil, gas and natural resources that would be lost, we shall lose too our dignity as a sovereign nation.