Opinion: “Being poor is the hardest part of this pandemic”

“A person who is under covid investigation has died today, confirmed by DOH”, it’s a news article that popped up in my facebook newsfeed. I was left with a sigh as I read the title. Again, it is a disappointment that a person who is only under investigation of the coronavirus had died without even being provided with proper medical care.

Indeed, our society is hard to live with. It’s a society that is reserve for the powerful and rich people only. It’s where less fortunate people who are not part of the affluent ones can’t compete nor avail of basic services. Does one need to be rich & powerful to live freely amid this pandemic?

While people are dying without even knowing whether they are positive in the corona virus or not, others who are wealthy and has plenty of connections are tested quickly even if there are no signs of them having the said virus.  While test kits are in minimum quantities, those who are in power are abusing it and forcing medical professionals at the Research Institute and Tropical Medicine that they should be given priority and let poor Filipinos be damned. One can never thought that a test kit has the equivalent value of greed, power, and injustice.

A specific government official who was the talk of the town just a few days ago, it was said that he wandered around the city while being a person-under-investigation and even went to a party, supermarket and into a medical facility. When I heard about it, it would simply hit you that money and power can really change ones position and he/she can do whatever he wants without being subjected to the law of the land. If an ordinary Filipino who is a PUI was seen wandering around, he’ll be jailed without mercy but if it’s a powerful official? Compassion and understanding should be given to him? How f*cked up is that?

As an ordinary Filipino, it simply represents the injustice that has long prevailed in this country. What about those of our countrymen who are the poorest of the poor? How could they manage to feed their families when some government officials are just simply sitting on their tables, enjoying their positions and privileges while poor Filipinos beg for decent food.

Though some local government official are helping their community as much as they can, others were being criticize as they can’t handle the pandemic, their services is nowhere to be found while their constituents are starving. Minimizing the impact of the pandemic is a great challenge for the Philippines but does the national government realized that the more people are becoming miserable as they learn how hard it is to be in the middle of this pandemic–a hungry stomach knows no virus nor authority.

It’s a waste, how we have come to this point before realizing what is happening in our society. The only irony of this coronavirus pandemic is that we have learned the true color of our government on how inefficient, callous, and miserable it is.