Mayor Vico is seen as a political threat, a challenge to their high authority

The Anti-Graft Division of the NBI had questioned Mayor Vico Sotto to explain a possible violation of the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act, the law that grants President Duterte special powers to address and implement measures against the coronavirus pandemic in the Philippines.

In its official letter, the NBI stated:

“This is in connection with the ongoing investigation being conducted by the Anti-Graft Division, this Bureau, relative to the possible violation/s of LGU’s and or executives who do not follow the national guidelines on how to implement the Enhanced Community Quarantine set by the government.

May we request your written explanation on the alleged violation of Section 6 (a) of Republic Act No. 11469, otherwise known as the “Bayanihan to Heal as One Act” by sending your representative on 07 April 2020 at 10:00AM at the of Anti-Graft Division, Room 511, NBI Main Building, Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila”

The NBI’s uncalled and unfair subpoena of Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto erred many Filipinos calling it as a political harassment by the current administration.

It is crystal clear, that the national government see Vico Sotto as a political threat to their authority, the NBI’s letter for the good Mayor is so nonsense, useless, unbelievable and counter-productive move by the NBI to a fellow government instrumentality.

Why does the good mayor is being singled out? One explanation is that because he is a member of the party that is not aligned with the president’s and his political idol of which Vico Sotto mentioned many times is the late Jesse Robredo, husband of the Vice President Leni Robredo.

Mayor Vico Sotto only showed compassion and served his people well, he don’t deserve this or any harassment coming from the national government. He should be rather be complimented for the efforts and commitment.

Rather, the NBI should investigate the inaction of so many local executives for failing to comply and provide basic support and relief to their constituents resulting in the compromise of their health.

In reality, Pasig is quite thankful and proud that they’ve got a leader who’s young by number but very mature in all aspects relevant to good governance and public service.

Also, in public service, when you choose to do your job, do what’s best for your country, city, and constituents you become the bad guy. Accusing you of lies. Being a Vico Sotto in a world full of Koko-nut is definitely a problem and the saddest part.

One young leader who had the real compassion for people under his local government, and he gets called out for. Whereas, the senator who had no sign of remorse after risking exposure for being PUI is excused and begged to be shown compassion.

Lastly, as Filipinos, we should not be cowed by these malicious intentions to demoralized a public servant, who is stellar in his performance has rubbed them insecure in the wrong way. We deserve excellent public service, and most of our new breed of public servants are up to the task. We should protect these people, or else we will be forever in our dire situation, as backward, poor, and a cursed nation.