Leni Robredo: A wonder woman amid the covid pandemic

In recent news, Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) Commissioner Manuelito Luna have suggested that the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) should subpoena Vice President Leni Robredo because of her relief efforts that allegedly ‘competes’ against the national government and politically undermines the Duterte administration.

In Luna’s statement, “Being a part of the national government, Robredo is barred from competing with the DOH (Department of Health), DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) and OCD (Office of Civil Defense/NDRRMC (National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), or undermining their efforts, and from soliciting donations, in cash or in kind, from the taxpaying public, especially since funds have already been appropriated or set aside for relief  assistance, disaster mitigation, rehabilitation

Basically, what PACC Comm. Luna wants is for VP Leni Robredo to do nothing and let her countrymen succumb to the coronavirus specifically the thousands of doctors, nurses and other frontliners who are risking their lives. In addition, the Vice President is part of the National Government, albeit she is being overtly marginalized for political reasons.

How is she competing and undermining? Is there such a thing as ‘unfair competition’ in giving relief? Assuming that there is a competition, does this not redound to the benefit of the people who will be at the receiving end of the relief? The Palace should instead try to do a better job than what they are doing. (Effort pa more ser).

In defense of the Vice President, Atty. Barry Guttierez stated, “VP Leni Robredo had done all this without requesting additional public funds or seeking expanded powers. She did this because she saw a need, and she took action to meet it. She did this because it was the right and responsible thing to do.

And now, unbelievably, the PACC wants to “investigate” her for it and for what reason? Because she was “competing” with other agencies.

Anyone who insists that bringing much needed assistance to hospitals, health workers, and poor Filipinos is somehow a “competition” has absolutely no understanding of the gravity of the crisis we are all facing”

VP Leni Robredo is a wonder woman

Leni Robredo showed kindness and compassion, she showed sincerity and it’s a non-negotiable thing during these trying times.

As of the moment, the Office of the Vice President has accumulated P44-million in kind donations from institutions, private companies and kind citizens.

With the P44 million, it could provide 99,526 PPE sets to 6,000 frontliners and 12,000 decent food and care packages.

In reality, VP Leni is just a speck compared to the herculean resources of the national government with its P275-billion covid budget at its disposal. Somehow, we feel sorry for VP Leni who is genuinely extending her help with all the might that she could while someone is riding to her generosity by voicing to news media his stupid view on this matter. In this time, there should be no room for envy, selfishness, anger or any politicking at all.

PACC should salute VP Leni for her untiring efforts during this pandemic period, mobilizing her meager resources to help hospitals (government and private), healthcare workers and those deprived of their livelihood.

She is silently and relentlessly doing what a government official is expected to do. No political statement, just working. Those government officials like PACC Commissioner Luna should observe prudence and respect!

Lastly, the Duterte administration should set aside their pride. Just let the Vice President do her job. Having an immediate response and helping those who are in need is vital. Insecurities will put more harm to the health and life of the Filipino people.