Harry Roque is lawyering for China against Taiwan & a Filipina OFW

Recent diplomatic spats between the Philippines and Taiwan have erupted after Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque told in a palace briefing that China has the ‘last say’ on the deportation of an OFW in Taiwan, which prompted the Taiwanese government to issue a verbal note against the Philippine government.

“China will have the last say on the deportation of the (OFW) in Taiwan”, Roque told reporters on the issue of a Filipino worker who uploaded videos of her berating the inefficiency and corruption hounding the Duterte administration.

An analyst has stated that Harry Roque is only doing it because the Taiwanese government had declined the request of the Philippine government for the deportation of the Filipina ofw.

Taiwan only reiterated that it respects ‘freedom of speech and open political discourse’ both for its citizens and foreigners residing in Taiwan and that the Philippine government could not force Taiwan to deport the ofw in an unjust and unreasonable excuse.

Filipina caregiver Elanel Ordidor has also stated that she is only expressing her right and grievances against the Philippine government when there are blatant anomalies in the Philippine government.

Taiwan slams Harry Roque

Taiwan immediately rejected the statement of Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque for referring Taiwan as part of China.

“My country expresses strong dissatisfaction and high regret over Philippine government officials wrongly accusing Taiwan as part of China.

Taiwan, the Republic of China, is a sovereign and independent country and has never been a part of China. The People’s Republic of China has never ruled Taiwan…and only the elected Taiwan government can represent the 23 million people of Taiwan internationally”, Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Joanne Ou’s said in a statement.

TFA Joanne Qu also ordered the Taiwanese embassy in Manila to issue a protest against Harry Roque’s statement.

“The Taiwanese Ministry of Affairs has instructed its consular office in Manila to issue a verbal note and protests the statement coming from an official of the Philippine government”

Taiwan is very sensitive to any statement concerning their sovereignty and statehood against the People’s Republic of China which the Communist Party of China rules. Any notion or statement pertaining that Taiwan is part of China will surely be met with protests and the wrath of the Taiwanese people. China might have 1 billion population but Taiwan would not surrender its statehood and freedom, its willing to put everything and its 23 million citizens to fight any invasion coming from China.

China has long sought to invade Taiwan at all cost, claiming that Taiwan is only a rogue Chinese province. However, Taiwan has been democratically independent since 1946 when the Kuomintang (Chiang Kai-shek) transferred its sit of power in Taipei when the Communists (Mao Ze Dong) defeated the Kuomintang in mainland China but the sneaky Communist only defeated the Kuomintang when they were very exhausted fighting the Imperial Japanese Army for 8 years of attrition (from 1937-1945) and the Kuomintang was the only legitimate Chinese army who defeated the Japanese out of China and that they could historically claim it.

The Communist Party of China were simply opportunists and up until to this day, they are doing it in their bid to dominate and invade the West Philippine Sea and its adjacent waters.

The Philippines should support Taiwan and not mainland China. Taiwan and the Philippines are both democratic nations and are aligned with the United States of America.

The Philippines can benefit more from Taiwan than China. China may give you temporary money, but they would bleed you to death for the high interest and their greed to expand their territories against sovereign nations like the Philippines.